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Golden Fields specializes in crafting superior-quality animal feeds through dedicated agricultural practices.

At Golden Fields, we are thrilled to present our exclusive line of products. Our feeds deliver unparalleled nutritional excellence, enticing livestock with their fresh and delightful taste. For further details, kindly reach out to us.


Alfalfa is the fodder plant par excellence, the most widespread crop culture in Estonia and the world. It represents a crucial source of vegetable protein for animal farming and besides being rich in vitamin, mineral and amino acid, it is an inexhaustible source of digestible fiber, indispensable for the growth of healthy and long-living animals, able to produce top-quality milk, meat and eggs.
Thanks to its high feeding value, alfalfa is the premier forage source for dairy cattle, sheep and goats, buffaloes, beef cattle, horses, rabbits, poultry and other livestock animals.
 Golden Fields’ alfalfa is sustainably grown on Estonia fields using local selected seeds, characterized by fertile soil and climate conditions optimal for forage cultivation, where no chemical fertilizers, pesticides and irrigation are needed.
Alfalfa produced by Golden Fields is completely natural and GMO-free.


At Golden Fields, discover an extensive selection of straw sourced from cereals like hard and wheat, barley, and spelt, as well as seed crops such as alfalfa and ryegrass. Our cereals are cultivated in Estonian fields by Golden Fields farms, free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation. Straw processing takes place in our group production plants in Estonia. Utilize straw as a fiber supplement in animal nutrition or as bedding.


Timothy, known for its exceptional palatability and digestibility for livestock, yields top-quality forage suitable for hay and grazing. With a protein content ranging from low to moderate and high digestible fiber, it offers a nutrient-rich alternative.

With fewer calories compared to alfalfa or mixed forages, Timothy promotes slow intake, encourages chewing, and reduces the likelihood of digestive upset.


The ryegrass is the natural Estonian spring grass. Golden Field offers ryegrass hay bales and pellets which contain autochthonous essences such as gramineous (Phleum pratense, Lolium italicum, Lolium perenne, Poa pratensis, Dactylis glomerata, Bromus inermis, Bromus cathartics) and legumes (Medicago sativa). The nutritional values of ryegrass hay bales and pellets are determined by their content of carbohydrates (fiber and sugars), proteins, and other elements, such as minerals and vitamins. Rectangular or square hay bales are recommended as a forage base for ruminants (dairy cows, beef, sheep, and goat) and equids at all stages of animal life.


Grass hay from Golden Fields is a well-balanced blend of various grasses (ryegrass, timothy grass, orchard grass) and legumes (alfalfa, clover), delivering optimum nutritional advantages.

The natural length of the forage mimics grazing habits and is characterized by low carbohydrate content. It is highly palatable, ensuring animals enjoy their feed.