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ALFALFA - Goldenfields

Natural and nutritious. The best forage crop.

Alfalfa is the fodder plant par excellence, the most widespread crop culture in Estonia and the world. It represents a crucial source of vegetable protein for animal farming and besides being rich in vitamin, mineral and amino acid, it is an inexhaustible source of digestible fiber, indispensable for the growth of healthy and long-living animals, able to produce top-quality milk, meat and eggs. Thanks to its high feeding value, alfalfa is the premier forage source for dairy cattle, sheep and goats, buffaloes, beef cattle, horses, rabbits, poultry and other livestock animals. Golden Field alfalfa is sustainably grown on Estonia fields using local selected seeds, characterized by fertile soil and climate conditions optimal for forage cultivation, where no chemical fertilizers, pesticides and irrigation are needed. Alfalfa produced by Golden Field is completely natural and GMO-free.

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