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• Field inspections conducted by our operators • Sampling of each truckload of incoming green product • Moisture analysis through the use of thermo balances • Data collection in real-time


• Supervision of the various production lines by our operators • Sampling of the outgoing product every 1 hour, according to ISO 9001 procedures. • Moisture and protein analysis through our internal laboratory • Real-time data collection of the processed product


• Storage of the product and classification according to quality and nutritional parameters • Routine general inspections • Product stored in closed and monitored warehouses

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We produce top quality forage from the fields of Estonia and Lithuania working together with experienced farmers. Forage fresh from the field is transported to our factory in where all forage products are manufactured. Our purpose is to use the goods of pure nature and bring it to your animals to give them the nourishment and energy they need
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Nurtured by the fertile fields of Estonia and Lithuania, our forage production at Golden Fields is a collaborative effort with seasoned farmers. Freshly harvested forage, straight from the fields, undergoes a meticulous journey to our cutting-edge factory. Here, using advanced manufacturing processes, we transform nature's bounty into a range of premium forage products. Our mission is grounded in the principles of harnessing the purity of natural resources to provide your animals with the essential nourishment and energy they deserve. At Golden Fields, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence from field to feed.


Natural and nutritious. The best forage crop.


Cereal straw for feeding and bedding


Naturally sundried wheat and barley straw with a maximum of 12% moisture

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At Golden Fields, we stand as an agricultural company dedicated to crafting premium quality animal feeds. Our vision extends beyond mere production; we're forging a partnership with farmers' cooperatives, creating a synergy that benefits both cultivation and commerce. Through this collaborative effort, we aim to deliver unparalleled results, ensuring the highest standards in the production and export of forage products. Join us in cultivating a future where excellence in agriculture meets sustainable success.

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