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We produce top quality forage from the fields of Estonia and Lithuania working together with experienced farmers. Forage fresh from the field is transported to our factory in where all forage products are manufactured. Our purpose is to use the goods of pure nature and bring it to your animals to give them the nourishment and energy they need.

Our forages have high nutrients and vitamins content thanks to fast preservation. Our facilities work hand in hand to ensure our customers are taken care of regardless of their location.

We are using top modern technology to produce the best feeds for your animals.
The team at these facilities is built from a strong farm background. Our team holds experience within the equine industry to serve our customers well.

Farmers' Cooperative

Kevili (Estonia) & Joniškis Aruodas (Lithuania) farmers’ cooperative stands as the prominent association of grain and rapeseed growers in Estonia and Lithuania, aiming to provide a competitive edge for its members. The core principles guiding the cooperative are Trust, Cooperation, and Effectiveness.

Their mission is to establish a competitive advantage for the association’s members. The cooperative’s fundamental values include trust, cooperation, and effectiveness. KEVILI comprises 152 cereal and rapeseed growers who collectively own 80,000 hectares of arable land in Estonia. On average, each member possesses 580 hectares of arable land.


The cooperative consists of 100 cereal and rapeseed growers who collectively own 17,000 hectares of arable land in Lithuania. On average, each member holds 170 hectares of arable land.

The cooperative’s primary objective is to advance the economic interests of its members by engaging in joint economic activities. Members participate as suppliers of cereals, oilseed rape, and other agricultural products, contribute as suppliers of goods, and utilize services. This collaborative effort supports the cultivation, processing, and marketing of arable products.

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