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We produce top quality forage from the fields of Estonia and Lithuania working together with experienced farmers. Fresh forage fresh from the field is transported to our factory where all forage products are manufactured. Our purpose is to use goods of pure nature and bring them to your animals to give them the nourishment and energy they need
Who We Are

Golden Fields is an agricultural company specializing in the production of premium quality animal feeds. The company aims to create a joint venture with farmers’ cooperative to create benefits the from sales and export of forage products and to work hand in hand with farmers to deliver the best possible output from fields.

Such partnership with local farmers creates easier access to arable land and to lower-cost investment in purchasing the lands by creating strong relations between GF and farmers in a mutual partnership that benefits both sides.

We are using top modern technology to produce the best feeds for your animals.
  • Supervision of the various production lines by our operators
  • Sampling of the outgoing product every 1 hour, according to ISO 9001 procedures.
  • Moisture and protein analysis through our internal laboratory
  • Real-time data collection of the processed product
  • Field inspections conducted by our operators
  • Sampling of each truckload of incoming green product
  • Moisture analysis through the use of thermo balances
  • Data collection in real-time
  • Storage of the product and classification according to quality and nutritional parameters
  • Routine general inspections.
  • Product stored in closed and monitored warehouses
Our facilities work hand in hand to ensure our customers are taken care of regardless of their location.